Aut Pax Aut Bellum

My family motto has always seemed overly harsh and aggressive to me, maybe fitting for one of the oldest and most warlike clans in Scotland, but surely not relevant for an enlightened modern day Gunn. The opposing forces of War and Peace, like yin and yang, are everywhere in nature.

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Elgin's Chardonnay Colloquium and Reflections from the Iona kitchen

The Elgin Valley welcomes guests from around the world to imbibe, discuss and compare Elgin Chardonnays with some of the top international Chardonnays at the fourth Elgin Chardonnay Colloquium on Saturday 12 October for this year’s Elgin Chardonnay Colloquium. After welcome drinks, a panel comprising Richard Kershaw MW, Cathy Marston, Dan Nicholl and Joe Wadsack will introduce Elgin producers' 2017 Chardonnays and invite discussion from guests.

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Our Quest for Excellence

It’s funny how a bit of hardship gets one digging deep. Probably the best thing about this past season is how, as a team, we have met more often, questioned our farming practices more acutely and generally rallied to further our quest for excellence in the vineyard, the cellar and in the market place.

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